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How to install a built-in gas oven. Tips for installing a gas oven

  1. Connection Secrets
  2. Installation work
  3. We comply with safety rules
  4. Electrical connection
  5. Connection to the gas supply system
  6. Gas leak test

An absolute attribute of modern kitchen is the stove and oven. A wide selection of the most diverse models allows you to purchase exactly the model that fits perfectly into the design of the kitchen. But appearance equipment, this is not the most significant parameter by which to choose an oven and hob. Crucial is the type of fuel on which the device operates. Today, in stores there are two options for stoves: gas powered and mains powered. Gas appliances are incredibly popular, although electric stoves do not leave indifferent modern hostesses.

Connection Secrets

And the choice was made in favor of a gas oven and hob. The only thing left is to connect the device to the gas supply. Specialists working with gas appliances strongly recommend involving professionals in the installation of devices. Since, careless, not qualified actions can easily lead to disastrous results. If you want to connect a gas panel and an oven at the same time, you should use two fuel supply pipes, each of which is equipped with an individual faucet, which allows you to stop the flow at any time.

To connect the equipment to the gas supply, two types of connecting elements are used:

  • Rigid tube made of steel or copper.
  • Flexible hose.

Connection is via an outlet located close to the oven. After completion of installation work, it is necessary to make sure that the connecting pipe is not bent anywhere, and the flow of fuel is provided without hindrance.

To power the oven, remember that the connecting hose cannot be more than two meters. In this case, the number of connections should be used to a minimum. Compliance with these rules will allow you to connect a gas oven efficiently and quickly.

Installation work

First of all, you need to determine the type of cabinet oven and hob. These elements can be dependent on each other and autonomous. If the first option is selected, two elements are located in one niche. In an autonomous version, the hob can be installed in the center of the headset, and the oven in any convenient place where you can get a hose for gas supply.

Connecting a gas oven and starting it starts with the installation of equipment in the niche of the headset. To do this, you need to remove the back panel of the niche, and put the oven on two bars that are previously attached to the surface of the furniture set. This will provide ventilation for the oven and niche to avoid fire. Next, we connect the electricity. This is necessary for the operation of the fan, the electrical control panel and other functions that operate on the mains.

This is necessary for the operation of the fan, the electrical control panel and other functions that operate on the mains

The next step is to connect to the gas supply system. This installation step involves connecting the oven and gas cabinet through a hose. Also, it is necessary to connect the hob to the gas pipeline. In this case, you can use a welded pipe joint. Before starting work, do not forget to turn off the gas supply to the house or apartment.

After the gas oven and hob are connected to the fuel supply, it is necessary to configure all the functions of the equipment, check the burners, gas control systems. The valve responsible for the gas supply is subject to verification and adjustment.

You need to know that cooking gas panels are allowed to be connected in those sections of the pipeline that are located after the tap that regulates the fuel supply. Prior to this tap, insertion of devices is strictly prohibited. This type of work must be approved by the gas service and included in your housing plan.

Detailed instructions for connecting gas hob and ovens presented in the video.

We comply with safety rules

When connecting the oven to the mains, remember that the wire must never come into contact with the gas pipe. The maximum temperature for heating the conductor should not be higher than 70 0 C. It is forbidden to use extension cords, double or triple sockets. All additional wires and connections may cause a fire. Before starting to wash the oven, it should be disconnected from the power supply.

Before final completion of installation work, it is recommended to check all joints for gas leaks. To do this, use soapy foam, which must be applied to the connecting elements. If, when the gas is turned on, in some places the soap begins to foam, then there is a hole. By eliminating the crack and leak, you can safely use the equipment.
Summing up, we note that the connection of gas to the hob and oven is best left to professionals. In this matter, it is important to observe all safety measures in order to avoid future emergencies. If you decide to make the connection yourself, it is recommended to study the instructions for the equipment from the manufacturer. Also, read in detail the advice of specialists. Only with step-by-step installation work, subject to safety measures, gas equipment can be connected on its own.

Gas ovens are dependent and independent. Their difference is only in the location of the control panel. Gas connection oven It’s possible on your own with minimal knowledge in the field of electrical, physics, gas supply and the presence of adjustable wrenches and other tools in your hands.

There are several stages of installation of the device:

  • connection to electricity;
  • connection to the gas supply system;
  • installing it in the kitchen;
  • gas leak test;
  • testing.

The oven is installed in rooms with good ventilation, equipped with an extractor fan or electric fan. In this case, the main condition for the normal functioning of the household appliance is the presence of proper air circulation around the oven. Therefore connection household appliances This type is associated with some features.

Before installing the device, remove the back wall of the kitchen set, and install the oven itself on a pair of bars fixed at a certain distance from the floor inside the furniture. Another nuance is associated with the high temperature of the heating device. The material of which all furniture adjacent to the oven is made must withstand a heating temperature of at least 120 ° C.

Unpack the device and carefully examine it for mechanical damage. If you find something right away, contact the seller.

Electrical connection

If your valuable purchase has an electric ignition system, grill function, fan, control panel, etc., then connection to the power supply system is mandatory. The kitchens of houses of modern construction are equipped with special outlets with grounding for connecting electric stoves. Other electrical household appliances are connected to it.

Otherwise, the installation of an additional three-core power cable from the shield, in which the 16 A device is installed, is required   protective shutdown Otherwise, the installation of an additional three-core power cable from the shield, in which the 16 A device is installed, is required protective shutdown . Household appliances are connected to an outlet with obligatory grounding. Do not forget that all work is carried out when the mains voltage is disconnected and using an insulated tool.

Some gas oven manufacturers do not connect power cable so you have to do it yourself. Open the rear junction box. Loosen the screws on the terminals. Fasten the cord wires with the screws, following the instructions that came with the oven. Replace the terminal box cover.

Remember that when connecting the gas oven to the power supply, the cord must be positioned so that its maximum heating temperature does not exceed 70 ° C. Never use double sockets, extension cords. They can cause short circuit and fire. Before washing the oven, unplug it from the power by removing the plug from the outlet.

Connection to the gas supply system

Connection to the gas supply system

Experts advise using the services of a qualified craftsman to connect the gas to the oven, as inept actions or inattention can lead to disastrous consequences.

It should be noted that when installing a gas hob and an oven to a gas pipe at the same time, you must use two connection branches with different gas cutoff valves. Before further actions, install a dielectric gasket after the tap to break the electrical network.

There are two types of connection to the central gas supply system:

  • through an inflexible copper or steel pipe;
  • through the bellows hose.

In the first case, the gas supply pipe is located very close to the location of the oven. Typically, the gas outlet of the device is adapted to connect ½ inch pipe having an external thread. The bellows hose attaches to the same outlet. After installation, make sure that it is not pinched anywhere, does not apply to moving objects.

There are several rules, the observance of which is strict when connecting household appliances. There should be as few adapters and connections as possible, ideally two (at the oven inlet and valve). The length of the hose cannot exceed 2000 cm. It is not recommended to extend it.

Gas leak test

A proven method will help to determine a gas leak at home for years. Take a shaving brush (it used to be used when shaving) and use it to apply soap foam on hoses and all connections. If the soap foams somewhere, then the gas enters the room. Repair the leak.

In the final part of the installation, the operation of all the functions declared by the manufacturer is checked. To do this, remove all protective stickers, films from the inside and outside of the oven. Turn on the oven (make sure that the RCD in the switchboard is turned on). Provide gas supply. Ignite the gas oven.

To connect the gas panel and oven, it is recommended to use no more than two detachable connecting pipes. One pipe is installed on the shutoff valves, and the other in the gas stove itself. At all other points in the supply pipe, it is best to weld. In extreme cases, metal bellows can be used. However, it can only be used to connect the stove to a gas pipe. A welded joint is considered safer. It is highly recommended not to make reinforced wiring, which was very popular several years ago.

When the gas panel and oven are installed, you need to go to the settings. Correct settings will ensure the normal operation of the gas panel. It is necessary to correctly adjust the minimum flame of each burner and set the position of the thermocouple contacts. They are part of the gas control shut-off valve. This valve adjusts the gas supply to the burner. It remains open due to the supply of current to it, which is generated when the thermocouple is heated.

The connection of gas panels and ovens is allowed only on pipe sections that go after the gas tap. It is forbidden to mount any devices before the gas tap. If, however, it is absolutely necessary to do this, then it is worth contacting the gas service specialists. They must have a building license with them, as well as a license for the construction of gas pipelines. The project must be drawn up in the required order. It must be fulfilled and its coordination with the gas service.

A gas oven, as well as a gas stove, is one of the most dangerous household appliances. Therefore, if you intend to install a gas oven , you must follow these instructions.

Instruction manual

Take your choice of gas equipment seriously. Gas ovens come in two types: with ventilation and without air circulation. If you do not use the oven very often, select the first option.

It is recommended to install only equipment of trusted companies for which a guarantee of at least three years is issued. Buying used gas appliances and trying to install them yourself is life threatening.

The installation of gas stoves and ovens should be carried out only by companies licensed to carry out these works (if you install the stove yourself, then most likely no one will give you guarantees for the stove and from accidents related to connecting the oven). If you contacted the company, make sure that this organization is legally registered and received permission to install gas equipment.

If you decide to act at your own peril and risk, do the following operations:
Turn off the gas using a tap. Connect the hob and gas oven to the gas pipeline using two special (bellows) gas hoses. Splice

1) The cost of installation is 1250 rubles. includes:

a) The arrival of the master within the Moscow Ring Road in Moscow

b) Installing the oven in a beggar

c) Attaching the oven to the furniture cabinet

d) Connecting the cabinet to a power outlet

d) Test check of the device and instruction in operation

2) Installation price 3600 rub. includes:

a) Departure of the master in Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road

b) Installation of an automatic machine with a capacity of 16 amp

c) Cable routing up to 10 meters using the open method (including cable)

d) Installation of an electrical outlet with grounding (taking into account the outlet)

d) Connection of all contacts in electrical circuit and check

f) Installation of the oven in the made furniture

g) Testing the functionality of the oven

h) Brief instruction and demonstration of work for the consumer

The oven significantly expands the possibilities of the hostess in the kitchen. Proper connection of the oven is the key to its reliable and safe operation. Our team of craftsmen is ready to complete the installation and connection of ovens of various modifications in the shortest possible time, and in full accordance with the certificates!

Installation and installation of an electric oven requires special care - this equipment operates under high voltage. For these works, a separate wire with mandatory grounding is required to connect the oven to the electrical panel. Work must be carried out with careful observance of all installation standards - only then can spontaneous combustion, shorting of electrical networks and operational problems be avoided.

The installation of the oven begins with the installation of a 3-pole socket, cable and plug assembly. Some ovens have a high energy consumption and require a 32-amp outlet. Therefore, entrust the installation of the oven to a professional who knows all the features of this technique.

Connecting a gas oven involves a preliminary assessment of the possibility of incorporating into the interior of the kitchen. The installation of such equipment should fully ensure the correct fit to the other parts of the kitchen, the reliability and stability of the equipment itself. The connection of a gas oven usually occurs with the simultaneous dismantling of old equipment and requires the necessary skills to connect to a gas duct.

By contacting our company for the full installation of an electric or gas oven, you will receive high-quality work, including:

Installing a dielectric insert to a gas tap

Installing the bellows hose from the dielectric insert to the cabinet

Installing an outlet, pulling the cable from the electrical panel for electric ignition and the oven (if the oven has grill functions)

Mounting the oven to the intended place and fixtures, checking all connections

Check burner performance and operation advice.

The cost of installation services does not include dismantling of old equipment and drilling holes.

You can find out the general price for installing ovens in your particular case by contact numbers of our website. Experienced consultants will be happy to inform you on all the nuances of installing household appliances in your case.

When ordering an oven installation service in our company, you get a number of advantages:

  • We set a dielectric rate worth 250 rubles as a gift
  • When contacting our company before 13.00, the master leaves for you on the day of contact.
  • You get a 10% discount and a one-year warranty on work.

We draw your attention - in the case of installing an oven: gas or electric for ready-made communications, the price will differ from a complex connection.



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